Monday, January 19, 2009

Why Is It Hip To Hate Israel?

Walk into one of the largest mosques in Iran and you will see ten foot tall banners proclaiming "Death To Israel". The Iranian leader vows the destruction of Israel, having said that he would gladly suffer half his own people to die if it meant the death of every Jew in Israel. Iran has now been arming and funding Hamas for years, smuggling Iranian made missiles into Gaza through the border crossing with Egypt. Hamas, not Israel, broke the ceasefire in December, by unleashing hundreds of these Katyusha and Qassam rockets into Israeli towns and cities on the border. Since 2001, more than 10,000 rockets and mortars have been fired at Israeli civilians from Gaza. The firing of unguided missiles into civilian populations, by the way, is a massive human rights violation, but don't tell the UN or the major news agencies. It might spoil the game they make out of the slandering of Israel.
Most news agencies won’t show the Israeli troop transports, loaded with medicine and food, being driven through the checkpoints into Gaza to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian civilians. They won’t show the Palestinians from Gaza being treated in Israeli hospitals during the battles. They won’t report on the Israeli policy of using text messages and leaflets to warn Gaza citizens of impending Israeli retaliations, thus helping Palestinian civilians while endangering Israel's own soldiers. They won’t highlight the highly targeted and surgical nature of Israeli strikes on Hamas strongholds, in contrast with the inhumanly blind rocket attacks on Israeli civilians.
Watching this all occur, and seeing the slanted news reports, and listening to that piece of shit “United Nations Observer to Palestine” Riyad Mansour, who is in fact nothing more than a spokesmouth for Hamas and should not be on the U.N. payroll, and now seeing all the protests around the world from bored, useless, ineffectual teenagers and their petty, ignorant, and hateful parents who have nothing better to protest now that their messiah has replaced Bush as president, who can help but wonder where all this blatant propaganda comes from? While you ponder that question, let me ask you this: Why does Michelangelo’s awe-inspiring statue of Moses have evil jew horns?
A klog is meer! When will these beautiful balebetishen yidden ever receive a fair break? When will the Schlemiels and Schmendriks of the media learn? Oy gevalt, I think I’ll stop this useless rant, crack open a bottle of Maneschewitz, and cry my eyes out watching “Fiddler On The Roof” (again).

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