Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"A Day Which Will Live In Infamy..."

2,459 Americans killed
1,282 injured
We made them pay, though.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

YOUCUT - the fun new game that's sweeping the nation!

The voters have once again spoken, and like a breath of fresh air they appear to have removed their heads from their rears before doing it. We are one step closer to a constitutional, limited government. Obama's express ticket to bankruptville has been revoked, and the rubberstamp congress which he's used to prove his inadequacy has been flushed. What remains to be seen is whether the new Republican House, under Old Boehner, will heed this rare glimpse of public wisdom and follow through with the drastic government cuts, both in power and in spending, that are so necessary for a true American recovery to occur - something a little more tangible than Obama's pathetic little "recovery summer".

To guide them, our power hungry little representatives need to hear from us, and a new tool has been added to that sadly anemic toolbox. It's called "Youcut", and it's basically a direct line to D.C. which can be used to spotlight those particularly atrocious little grants and expenditures which somehow slip through the budgetary cracks. It's certainly not a cure-all for the metastatic blob of government, but it is a fun step in the right direction. Through this very democratic process, bad spending can be brought to the attention of our stupid congress, and maybe, just maybe, they'll be in a charitable mood and oblige us our request. Anyways, what the hell, right? It can't hurt to try. It's worth it, if for no other reason than the Democrats are very publicly against it. They love wasting your money even more than the Republicans do. And that's saying something.


Can't find a that specific grant you were looking for? That's fine, you can still give them some general ideas right here.

Something to bear in mind: While encouraging, using Youcut to correct the culture of government is a bit like using tweezers to remove fleas from France. This is a huge problem, and it's going to take some serious DDT level solutions.

Rock on!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Dependence of Diversity Upon Liberty

Much is made of the virtue of diversity, and rightly so. Consider the history of the United States, the melting pot of the world: while many books have been written about the inevitable clash and abuse between so many disparate peoples thrown together in this exceptional nation, still many more have been written of her beautiful fruits, cultivated in the fertile soil of American liberty. It is diversity which gives choice to our liberty. Indeed, the entire history of America is an expression of the greatness which can be achieved when the infinite possibilities of diversity are given the liberty to act.

To celebrate diversity without an equal regard to the liberty in which it thrives, however, is to remove all practical worth from the former. There is a symbiotic relationship between diversity and liberty. Diversity represents mere potential, of little or no practical value, just as a mechanics tool is meaningless until it is put to use. Our toolboxes may be full, but we must above all else be free to use those tools. Diversity of thought and expression, of experience and ingenuity, of culture and belief, these are vitally important characteristics of which we are all possessed, but it is only in our free exercise of reason and unrestrained utilization of free will that our diversity flourishes, providing us with the infinite expressions of life of which we are each capable.

Is it any wonder that the Greeks placed the utmost value on mans ability to reason, or that St. Augustine later spoke of the incredible gift of our God-given free will? Even later still, Kant wrote that our highest moral virtue lie not in our circumstance or achievement, but in the ethics which we each discern and freely choose to live by. Even that bitchy syphilitic layabout Nietzsche believed in the need for the individual to formulate and express his own personal philosophy in order to achieve his highest state of being. Reason, free will, moral virtue freely chosen, self actualization; a common purpose connects even these uncommon thinkers. As mans understanding has developed throughout the centuries an ever more complete explanation of our innate need for individual liberty has emerged.

It could easily be argued that we live today in an era dominated by the issue of diversity. Globalization, information exchange, and the civil rights movement have made it so. Then let it also be argued that we have opened a new chapter in the quest for liberty, for without it we can have no expression of diversity. Life without liberty will be like the capital city of the dark planet of Camazotz, from Madeleine L’Engle’s book A Wrinkle In Time:

Below them the town was laid out in harsh angular patterns. The houses in the outskirts were all exactly alike, small square boxes painted gray. Each had a small, rectangular plot of lawn in front, with a straight line of dull-looking flowers edging the path to the door. Meg had a feeling that if she could count the flowers there would be exactly the same number for each house. In front of all the houses children were playing. Some were skipping rope, some were bouncing balls. Meg felt vaguely that something was wrong with their play. It seemed exactly like children playing around any housing development at home, and yet there was something different about it. She looked at Calvin and saw that he, too, was puzzled.

“Look!” Charles Wallace said suddenly. “They’re skipping and bouncing in rhythm! Everyone’s doing it at exactly the same moment.”

L’Engle is describing a world devoid of diversity, because free will had been eliminated by a demonic figure known as “IT”. IT boasted that through the banishment of liberty, IT had achieved a world without inefficiency, unhappiness, or war. IT had achieved the ultimate sinister goal of social design: perfect equality of outcome. A world without diversity.

“…that’s exactly what we have on Camazotz. Complete equality. Everybody exactly alike.”

“No!” she (Meg) cried triumphantly. Like and Equal are not the same thing at all!”

Madeleine L’Engle’s allegory beautifully describes the dependency of diversity upon liberty. We are consistently barraged with the message of diversity, but seldom is liberty’s inherent role acknowledged. Remove liberty, and life will lose its free expression of diversity. Diversity will become as meaningless as the color of our skin.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dirty Politician Derby 2009!

Another year has come and gone, so it’s time once again to examine our ridiculous elected representatives, that we might never forget just why it is we fight to contain the metastatic growth of human governance. It’s time once again to remember the truth of Lord Acton’s words, “power corrupts”. It’s time once again for the Dirty Politician Derby!
These are the filthy pigs who, as Bastiat wrote, “… during the election, were so wise, so moral, so perfect, now have no tendencies whatever; or if they have any, they are tendencies that lead downward to degradation.” This is our political class, the self-serving treasonous trash who prove time and again the necessity for limited government. This is our would-be ruling class. As we slog towards another election, it should be with a skeptical and sarcastic eye that we look upon any walking campaign ad who comes bearing gifts, promises, and shiny new programs.

Mayor Gary Becker (D-Racine, WI) – He’s a paederast, charged with five child-sex felonies after being arrested by the FBI at a mall trying to meet with a “14 year old girl” he had met on the internet. The child was in actuality a big burly G-Man, which Becker had probably better get used to, because he gets to spend the next 3 years in prison keeping big burly men warm at night.

Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) – Caught accepting more than $400,000 in bribes and seeking millions more in exchange for brokering business deals in Africa. Agents found $90,000 in this dumb ass’s freezer. Found guilty of 11 counts of corruption, he received the longest sentence ever given to a congressman for bribery, 13 years. FBI footage of Jefferson taking the bribe is available on the internet, but I have to say, it’s not nearly as titillating as last year’s footage of Senator Diane Wilkerson doing the exact same thing.
One of his convicted co-conspirators was his brother, Mose Jefferson. I feel it necessary to state that I am not this man.

Mayor Larry Langford (D-Birmingham, AL) – Guilty on 60 counts including bribery, money laundering, criminal conspiracy, and mail and wire fraud. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison and fined more than $119,000 by a rather lenient federal judge in Tuscaloosa. He is still proudly listed among Mayor Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal (let’s be honest – they mean all) Guns” coalition, because as we all know, power-hungry politicians absolutely hate empowered citizens.

The entire state of New Jersey – Since 2002 the FBI and IRS have conducted a sweeping investigation into political corruption in New Jersey. Over the course of Operation Bid Rig more than 60 public officials have been indicted. In July of 2009, a sting operation resulted in the arrest of 44 people in both Jersey and the Big Apple, including 29 public servants and political operatives and 5 orthodox rabbis. It seems nothing is sacred in the garden state. The crimes centered around corruption and international money-laundering, but included black market trafficking of human body parts… such as kidneys… from humans!
Rather than describe each piece of trash individually, I will just list some of the most notable arrests: Mayor Peter Cammarano III (D-Hoboken); Mayor Dennis Elwell (D-Secaucus); Mayor Anthony R. Suarez (D-Ridgefield); Deputy Mayor Leona Beldini (D- Jersey City) claiming after her court appearance that she hadn’t violated the taxpayer’s trust (and thereby proving how far expectations have fallen); Assemblyman L. Harvey Smith (D-NJ); Assemblyman Daniel M. Van Pelt (R-NJ); Jersey City Councilman Philip J. Kenny; Jersey City Housing Authority Commissioner Edward Cheatam; Former Jersey City Housing Authority Commissioner and Chairwoman Lori Serrano. Dishonorable Mention: Former Senator Joseph Doria (D-Bayonne, NJ) – Forced to step down from his position as New Jersey Commissioner of Human Affairs over his alleged involvement in this debacle. No arrest has been made, yet. Maybe next year, Senator!

State Senator John Cowdery (R-O District, Alaska) – will be joining last years derby participant Vic Kohring in the Corrupt Bastards Caucus over the Alaska political corruption probe involving the VECO Corporation. After a joint investigation by the IRS and the FBI, VECO executives pled guilty to federal charges of extortion, bribery, and conspiracy to impede the IRS (okay, that last one ain’t so bad!). The corruption culminated in the bribing of top Alaskan officials to vote in favor of an oil tax law favored by VECO. Then they got caught. I love America!

Federal District Judge Samuel B. Kent (Galveston, TX) – Got off easy on one count of obstruction of justice in order to avoid an indictment on six federal counts of abusive sexual contact and aggravated sexual abuse, in cases involving non-consensual sexual contact. This scumbag was only sentenced to 2 years, 11 months, but I’m sure he’ll get out early.

Mayor Sheila Dixon (D-Baltimore) - Convicted of misdemeanor embezzlement for stealing gift cards donated to her office intended for distribution to needy Baltimore families. As an added “screw you” to us taxpayers, she will be allowed to retain her $83,000 per year pension. We, on the other hand, will continue to go to work every day to pay our bills. My self respect would never allow me to trade places with Sheila.

State Representative Rod Jetton (R, MO) – This Speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives was charged with assault after a bout of sadomasochistic sex with an advocate for the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network. Talk about poor choice of victim! After allegedly drugging her wine, hitting her on the head repeatedly, and choking her into unconsciousness, his only defense was that she never said the agreed upon safe word. “She never said ‘green balloons’.” That’s because she was unconscious, you twisted piece of garbage.

Nevada Senator John Ensign (R-NV) - Resigned his position as Chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee after admitting he had an affair with Cynthia Hampton, the wife of a close friend. In 1998 Senator Ensign had called for President Dirty Bill Clinton (D) to resign after admitting to an affair with Monica Lewinsky. Irony!

Governor Mark Sanford (R-SC) - Traveled all the way to Argentina on tax dollars to have an extra-marital affair. He tried to claim that he was “walking the Appalachian Trail”. That’ll be my new slang term for “leaving my family and traveling to South America to betray my marital vows with a sexy commodity broker”. By the way, this turd also called for Dirty Bills impeachment, back in the day. Irony2!

Assemblyman Mike Duvall (R-CA) - Resigned after the married “champion of family values” was caught on video bragging about affairs with two female lobbyists. Yet another case of “idiot politician doesn’t know what a microphone does”. He said of one of his nasty ladies, "I'm getting into spanking her." What a champ!

There you have it, folks, another year of political filth. Keep it in mind the next time a politician touts their new vision for America. Remind them that seeing visions ain’t their damn job.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Always Remember Those For Whom We Rest Today


Visit the Pioneer Woman for more

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Quick Lesson on Presidential Vote Buying

President Obama scored some huge Karma points with the nation’s largest union bosses on Thursday when he agreed to exempt union employees from the massive taxes soon to be imposed on private insurance plans as part of a desperate effort to fund his newest entitlement program, the government health care takeover. Mob bosses (excuse me) I mean union leaders from the AFL-CIO, SEIU, Change To Win, and various other groups representing teachers, government workers, electricians, and so on, were ecstatic to learn that they would not have to pay the whopping 40% excise tax soon to be imposed on private insurance plans worth $8,900/year for individuals or $24,000/year for families.

So where is the lesson to all would-be Presidential candidates? Obama, or more likely Rahm Emmanuel, came up with a genius scheme to continue massive union support for Democrats in future elections: This tax exemption, worth about 60 billion dollars, is designed to expire January 1st, 2018. In other words, if the unions want to keep this sweetheart deal going, they had better come out in force for the 2016 Democrat presidential candidate who will be presumably picking up where Obama left off.

Tens of millions of votes bought for 60 billion stolen dollars. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is corruption at its finest.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Napolitano’s Never Ending Bungles: 2009 Domestic Terrorism Report

Janet Napolitano, upon her unfortunate promotion in 2009, wasted no time in using her ill-gotten position to smear conservatives and veterans and suck up to her superiors with the release of the now infamous “DHS Rightwing Extremism Report”, which I had a few things to say about. To say that the course of 2009 has disproven her little smear fest would be putting it mildly, but just in case anyone is still in doubt, I present to you, in chronological order, The Sovereign Slacker's 2009 Domestic Terrorism Report!

May 20 – New York City: Foiled Muslim plot to blow up 2 Bronx synagogues and shoot down military airplanes flying out of an Air National Guard base in Newburgh, New York. A typical case of Islamofascists targeting innocent Jews and Americans. That’s about as far from Rightwing as it gets.

May 25 – New York City: An improvised explosive device was detonated outside of a New York City Starbucks, which thankfully injured no one. Eventually, a 17 year old punk-ass admitted to the crime, claiming he was copying the movie “Fight Club”, “Because, you know, man, like, those corporations are like, evil, man, except that I don’t believe in good and evil, man, because that would undermine my ignorant leftist moral relativism!”

May 31 – Wichita, Kansas: Abortionist Dr. George Tiller was murdered by schizophrenic abortion activist Scott Roeder. This time, one of the psychos involved actually was a conservative, but this case may as well serve as the exception which proves the rule. The psycho in question succumbed to his disgusting hate and murdered one of only 3 third-term abortion doctors in the country. He fought murder with murder, and will be so damned, most likely to spend eternity side-by-side with his victim.

June 1 – Little Rock, Arkansas: Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, an American Muslim, opened fire on a U.S. military recruiting office, killing Private William Long and Wounding private Quinton Ezeagwula. Yet another Islamofascist scumbag.

June 10 – Washington, D.C.: The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum shooting. Racist anti-Semite James Wenneker von Brunn, holocaust denier and neo-Nazi, stormed into the U.S. Holocaust Memorial and murdered Security officer Stephen Tyrone Johns, a hero who took the bullets intended for many others. Remember, children, Nazi stands for national socialist. Now, I know that conservative means many different things in different countries and at different points in history, but in 2009 America, conservative means the absolute opposite of socialist. This piece of trash was wrongfully branded by some ignorant media types as a conservative, based on the antiquated notion that white-supremacy equals conservatism, but the facts tell the truth of the matter. In his self published trash, “Kill the Best Gentiles”, after all the baloney about Jews and their creation of a false Jesus conspiracy, he goes on to say that socialism “emanates not from Reason alone but from the ETHOS OF THE WEST. It expresses the instinctive and Intuitive feelings UNIQUE to the Aryan Nation”, continuing on to say that “all wars and revolutions are financed by JEW CAPITALISTS.” He believed that Socialism was the birthright of the Aryan West. Yep, you heard me. This one was a Leftist, and remember, it is the Left who overwhelmingly wish to deny the people of Israel their rightful homeland, siding instead with the anti-Jewish Palestinians who would rather die than see a Jew live near their 3rd holiest site, built on the ruins of the 1st holiest site of the Jews (because the Jews were there first, see). Von Brunn died in prison on the 6th of this month, and is now burning in Hell. Yay!

August 25 - Denver, Colorado: DNC local headquarters smashed. This event was immediately blamed on foes of Obamacare by the State Democratic Chairwoman, who was following the Saul Alinsky/Rahm Emanuel rule, “Never let a good tragedy go to waste”. She was, of course, wrong and stupid. It was later revealed that this criminal act was in fact committed by one of the DNC’s own: Maurice Schwenkler, active DNC member, paid SEIU activist, and wacky transgendered anarchist (Irony alert: Anarchy literally means “without ruler”, but this little turd is an active supporter of leftist statist ideology. Point and laugh at the goofy little fool, everyone!), who goes by the silly pseudonym “Ariel Attack”. Was this an act of national terror? No. I just thought it was funny.

September 4 – Seattle, Washington: ELF terrorists cut down AM radio towers belonging to KRKO Seattle, using a stolen excavator. They claimed that radio waves are dangerous to dear mother earth. This is why Leftists shouldn’t be science teachers.

September 15 – New York City: Najibullah Zazi, Afghani Islamofascist and Al Qaeda member, is arrested while attempting to blow up a car laden with explosives in New York City. He was convicted of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction, but is somehow still alive, and probably enjoying better conditions in prison than he ever saw back home in his crappy native garbage country.

September 24 - Hosam Maher Husein Smadi, a Jordanian arrested on suspicion of planning a terrorist bombing of Dallas Fountain Place. He fancied himself a part of a sleeper cell, but apparently this genius didn’t realize that he was the only member of the group who was not actually a federal agent. This is why Good will always win, because Evil is dumb.

November 5 – Fort Hood, Texas: Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, another Islamofascist nutbag (are you detecting a pattern?), opened fire on his fellow American troops, killing 14 and wounding 30. Born in America but descending from Palestinians, he was on record as saying that non-believers would be sent to hell, decapitated, set on fire, and have burning oil poured down their throats, then set back on fire, and somehow decapitated again, followed by a round of nasty name calling. Then, a cup of coffee and some biscuits. One of the 14 killed, by the way, was the unborn child of Francheska Velez, and as such is not included in most death tolls. Most media outlets indicate only 13 deaths because they are either ignorant or morally depraved. There were 14 innocents killed that day. The only reason this scumbag is alive today is that military bases are “gun free zones” (I’m dead serious!) and as such he was able to carry out his attack with impunity until military police arrived to subdue him. This massacre bears a striking resemblance to all of those tragic school shootings in which the “gun free zone” prevented law-abiding citizens such as teachers and other adults from defending themselves. How hard is it to understand that criminals don’t obey such useless and socially destructive laws?

December 25 – The Christmas underpants bomber: I can’t remember his name, and who really cares anyway? Let’s all just point and laugh. This privileged little Islamofascist fart expressed his hatred of the free world by attempting to kill 300 innocents but instead succeeded in merely blowing off his own balls and giving us all a good chuckle. With enemies like this, who needs friends? My gut tells me that this little blip proves that there is indeed a God, and He prefers Christmas over Ramadan.

Well, there you have it, 2009’s acts of domestic United States terrorism. Not quite the Rightwing-Palooza that Napolitano had hoped for. Somebody ought to inform the socialist hacks at the Southern Poverty Law Center. Called the wrong play on that one, didn’t you, Janet? It seems to me that either the Director of Homeland Security needs a new crystal ball, or else America needs a new Director of Homeland Security. Or, better yet, none at all.

The underpants bomber is a fitting conclusion to this year in domestic terrorism, and a fitting tribute to Napolitano, Pelosi, and all of their Statist thugs. True to form, after first inflating her ego by stealing credit for the subduing of Nutless Underpants Boy (“The system worked!”), then recanting and groveling her grudging admission of failure, Napolitano wasted no time in sounding the call for yet more power and funding to be given to her big fancy government agency- and this is the true insight into a politician’s selfish desires: After abusing her position to demonize half the nation and score brownie points with her political party, and after a year has passed in which her ineptness has been made completely apparent, she still has the nerve to openly call for the increased empowerment of both herself and the bloated State from which she sucks her un-earned prosperity. And that, above all, is the biggest lesson in the terrorist chaos of 2009: No matter who they are, whether they be tree hugging flea scratching granola eating eco terrorists, or wined and dined members of our elected royalty, humans everywhere – including the ones with whom we’ve foolishly entrusted the care of our nations – can always be relied upon to serve themselves first, at our expense. The great and pathetic failure Napolitano wasted no time in her continuing scrabble for vain State empowerment. We must stop looking up to our elected leaders, and start looking down upon them. This has always been a part of our great founding principles, ideals which should be studied and held up in pride.

Whether you lean politically to the right or left, or up or down or forwards or backwards, terrorism hurts all of us, especially when its ultimate goal is achieved, the goal of political tyranny. It is our own selfish politicians who further that goal whenever they use a tragedy to push their own political agenda. The phrase “never let a good tragedy go to waste” is often credited to the current White House Chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, a true genius of public manipulation (and that's with only 9 fingers!), and you can be sure that 2010 will bring more of this and everything else we got in 2009: more vile maggot terrorists taking out their pathetic angst on all the innocents around them, and more vile vulture politicians wasting not a single tragedy in their never ending quest for more power. For myself, I’ll continue to pray for the miracle and dream of the day when I am blessed with the privilege of placing a pre-emptive .44 caliber hole in the head of anyone who would seek to terrorize free people like us. I will also continue to fight tooth and nail for the day that we re-discover the values of individual liberty and limited government, values which once made America great. That day may never come, but it still makes me smile.

Tune in next week for Dirty Politician Derby 2009!