Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rage Against The Demagogues: Take The Power Back!

Demagogue: A leader who makes use of popular prejudices and false claims and promises in order to gain power.

Today we witness the rise to power people of common intelligence possessed of uncommon means. There is nothing noble, exceptional, singular, or benevolent in the persons we have elected to public office. Indeed, if any difference exists at all between the politician and the average citizen, it is the uncommon and all-consuming lust for power and self-gratification on the part of the former. Thus, the only protection the average citizen can rely upon is the limitation of the power and the containment of the influence of the politician to affect the lives of a free and inherently equal citizenship.

Case in point:
Recently, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was shamed and put on the defensive, and rightfully so, amidst her venomous and single-minded pursuit of the creation of an “Independent Truth Commission”. This sham commission would prosecute members of the former presidential administration, as well as some current Republican members of congress, for supposed acts of torture utilized in CIA interrogations of terrorist leaders. These prosecutions, and the media diversion they would surely create, would likely secure an overwhelming Democrat majority in D.C., effectively bestowing upon Obama, Pelosi, and the other temporary tyrants of America, the power to rule by fiat, dispensing with even the illusion of bipartisanship. It came out, however, that back in 2002 good ol’ Nancy herself sat in on the very CIA briefings about, and gave her own tacit assent to, the very interrogation methods that drive her current insane quest for more power.
All pretense of ethical leadership was shed, when, amidst questions at a recent press council on this very subject, a stumbling and backpedalling Pelosi admitted her true motivations for her elected position:
” My job was to change the majority in Congress and to change -- to fight to have a new president, because what was happening was not consistent with our values, certainly not true, and -- and something that had to be changed.”
Excuse me, bitch?
Nancy’s job, for which she was well paid, was to represent California’s 8th district voters in the House, and to serve as House Minority Whip, as well as serve as the top ranking minority leader on the House Intelligence Committee, a position that made her as fully culpable in the doings of our CIA as any other elected representative. She was part of the decision making process. She has always been one of the deciders. And here’s the clincher: She fully admits that, instead of fulfilling her duties and responsibilities to American citizens, she was preoccupied solely with her quest for ever more power to rule over them.
I piss on Nancy Pelosi, and every other goldbricking piece of shit that abuses their ill-gotten position in what should be a hallowed institution, the U.S. Congress. Our elected government has become an out-of-control power hungry monster. It was disgusting under the Republicans, is now equally disgusting under the Democrats, and will continue to be disgusting until such time as American citizens are so pissed off that they finally take back this great and beautiful nation from the grasping clutches of the greedy demagogues that wish only to bilk us for all that we’re worth.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Brazilian Gun Control

It's high time we had a conversation about the farce of gun control, but since I'm feeling especially lazy today I'm just going to throw out a few random facts about Brazil, followed by a link to some other dude's amazing essay on the 2nd Amendment.
Officially, the number of gun related deaths each year in Brazil is anywhere from 25%-400% higher than in the U.S., depending on the source.
And now I'll pause, and let all the advocates of increased gun control work themselves into a hungry gun grabbing frenzy.
Are you finished, children? Okay, now I'll continue.
Unfortunately, for the advocates of gun control, their work in Brazil has already been done. In fact, compared with the U.S., Brazil represents a virtual gun-ban utopia. Brazilian gun purchases are so restricted that nearly all guns within Brazil are illegally smuggled across the border. Those able to purchase a gun within Brazil must be at least 25 years old and register all firearms with the government, and it is generally illegal to possess these guns outside of the house. Indeed, Brazilian gun control measures have been so effective that there are now estimated to be only 8.8 firearms for every 100 Brazilians, a far cry from the U.S.'s triumphant total of 90 per 100.
God bless America! We're number 1!
So there you have it. The farce of gun control as illuminated by Brazil. And don't even let me hear any of that socio-economic "Brazilian society is more prone to violence" mumbo jumbo. That shit's just fucking racist.
Finally, the real reason for this post, an amazing essay by Jeffrey R. Snyder, titled "A Nation of Cowards". You need to read this, to yourself, your friends, and your kids, and your kid's friends.

See you at the next Appleseed!