Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Brazilian Gun Control

It's high time we had a conversation about the farce of gun control, but since I'm feeling especially lazy today I'm just going to throw out a few random facts about Brazil, followed by a link to some other dude's amazing essay on the 2nd Amendment.
Officially, the number of gun related deaths each year in Brazil is anywhere from 25%-400% higher than in the U.S., depending on the source.
And now I'll pause, and let all the advocates of increased gun control work themselves into a hungry gun grabbing frenzy.
Are you finished, children? Okay, now I'll continue.
Unfortunately, for the advocates of gun control, their work in Brazil has already been done. In fact, compared with the U.S., Brazil represents a virtual gun-ban utopia. Brazilian gun purchases are so restricted that nearly all guns within Brazil are illegally smuggled across the border. Those able to purchase a gun within Brazil must be at least 25 years old and register all firearms with the government, and it is generally illegal to possess these guns outside of the house. Indeed, Brazilian gun control measures have been so effective that there are now estimated to be only 8.8 firearms for every 100 Brazilians, a far cry from the U.S.'s triumphant total of 90 per 100.
God bless America! We're number 1!
So there you have it. The farce of gun control as illuminated by Brazil. And don't even let me hear any of that socio-economic "Brazilian society is more prone to violence" mumbo jumbo. That shit's just fucking racist.
Finally, the real reason for this post, an amazing essay by Jeffrey R. Snyder, titled "A Nation of Cowards". You need to read this, to yourself, your friends, and your kids, and your kid's friends.

See you at the next Appleseed!

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