Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Socialism Versus My Hulking Biceps (originally posted Thursday, December 11, 2008)

The illogic of American liberals can be traced to the desire to distribute power as widely as possible and keep all power within a system of checks and balances. That is all well and good, but then the crazies step in and take it too far. Modern American liberals seek to prevent the accumulation of power and wealth in the hands of an economic or private "elite" and balance the power of market forces and businesses against that of government, so that no source of power may go unchecked. Then, they go even further, suggesting that the fruits of every individual's labor should be stolen and redistributed as they see fit. And they have the gall to call this "equality".
If the modern American liberal is so afraid of any accumulation of power by a single entity, I wonder how long I will be able to hide the awesome power of my hulking biceps. I am not joking. I promise you that I and Americans like me will stop producing if you take away the fruits of our labor. This is the classic fatal flaw of socialism, the true name for modern American liberalism. The trouble is, once the wealth dries up, these crazy bastards just might come for our individual abilities.
Which brings me back to my hulking biceps. I realize that, to some, my massive fist cannons are intimidating, and that these same peoples fear and jealousy may drive them to attempt a redistribution of my awesome power. So I want to send out this warning right now to all the would-be socialists lurking amongst our ranks: If you come for my hulking biceps, I will destroy you. I will rip the meat from your bones and feast upon your godless souls.
So just try it. Try taking these guns away.

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