Tuesday, February 3, 2009

These Boots Were Made For Kicking Fascist Ass

One of the only aspects of this ridiculous economic stimulus package that actually makes sense is about to be dropped by President Obama due to pressure from the European Union Trade Commission, a group of morally corrupt fascists who have apparently decided to drag us onto their sinking ship. The excellent "Buy American" clause would dictate that American iron and steel must be used in the construction projects that form part of the recovery plan, in order to further boost job growth and liquid revenue passed amongst the citizenship. The E.U., however, is trying to get it's grubby little hands on some of our taxpayer supplied stimulus money by pressuring the president to nix this clause. I just called Representative David Wu and Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkely to tell them to politely inform the European Union to go fuck itself, and now you can, too! Keep the "Buy American" clause in the stimulus plan!

contact your senator:

contact your state representative:

Help America out. Find out what she makes good, and buy it. I'm wearing Danner Boots, made right here in Portland. These shits have lasted me 6 years, two of those in a Navy industrial shipyard, and I can still stand in a puddle of water up to my shins without getting wet, hell fucking yeah! Bring it on, Fascism!
Editor's Note: In retrospect, it would appear that this particular rant was advocating protectionist trade policies, but this was not my intention. Protectionism decreases overall output, efficiancy, and ultimately leads to a decline in quality of life. This process was beautifully explained by the English economist David Ricardo with his Theory of Comparative Advantage. My goal was merely to point out that if the government is going to steal our money and blow it on stupid crap, it could at least have the decency to spend our money within our own economy, thus mitigating our losses on this crummy deal.

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