Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hail Obama, ruler of wage-slaves!

In a recent conversation with a rather well-read friend of mine, I heard him use a term which completely baffled my senses of logic and reason. Apparently a number of progressive thinkers have invented a term for an imagined evil supposedly inherent in our free-market society, and that term is “wage-slavery.” Supposedly, in a system such as we have in the U.S., greedy and all-powerful “wage-slavers” keep the working class down by forcing them to do menial work such as making shitty overpriced coffee, selling crappy overpriced clothes in the God-forsaken malls, and any of a number of the other jobs we all did before we grew up and realized that we needed to do something useful with ourselves. And supposedly these evil overlords are able to keep the peasants in their place by only paying them just enough to scrape by, but not enough to overcome their situation.
At this point I laughed so hard I almost shit myself. America today is not the America of the 19th century, so why are some people still spouting the same old rhetoric? The anarchists and pinkos of the era of unionization were fighting for humane working conditions and a fair day’s wages. The progressive liberals of today are fighting for other people’s money, despite having the benefit of history’s hindsight to look back to all of the times when socialist-communist experiments around the world plunged entire nations into black holes of ruin and starvation. History and current events show us quite clearly what happens to a people forced to redistribute assets and wealth in order to eliminate the lower class. The entire nation becomes the lower class, with the only exception being the ruling class. The society becomes a cruel mockery of itself.
As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. How old does a person have to be to realize that a good life requires a little bit of hard work? How long can these assholes sit around like big helpless babies, shitting their diapers and screaming for someone else to change them and give them a bah-bah?
But I digress. We were talking about the myth of wage-slavery. Let us forgo discussions of the disgusting ignorance this usage of the term “slave” reveals in the progressive thinker. One need only read the autobiography of Frederick Douglass to see the glaring contrast between the lives of the unmotivated bottom-feeders of today and those truly tortured and enslaved men and women of a past that has been thankfully laid to rest. The comparison would be laughable if it weren’t so disgustingly blind. Slavery is dead. It was the death of slavery and the passing of the days of sharecroppers and segregation that matured America into a truly free and equal state. Still, as with any other economic system, there remains greedy individuals hoping to attain wealth through the exploitation of the cheap labor of others. But how is this attained in a nation of truly free and innately equal individuals? In a free nation, the labor can only be cheap if it chooses to be. No slave was ever given that choice.
As the American dream becomes a reality for larger and larger segments of the population, and the natural development of individual liberty and freedom from oppression progresses, we realize the founder’s vision of a nation of free and equal individuals. Certain steps must be taken by the so-called “slave lords” to ensure that the pool of cheap labor never goes dry. Due to the nature of our free nation, any who would proclaim themselves “wage-slaves” have freely chosen to become so. Indeed, this is so well understood by the supposed exploitative ruling class that they have adapted to this new age by introducing enticements specifically designed to weaken the need to work for a better, more rewarding, life. Where once there were whips and chains, now there are financial enticements. Government subsidies are created as incentives for lower class citizens to remain at the bottom, allowing them to tread water for the benefit of the business owner and, in the style of true socialism, at the expense of the rest of the tax-paying citizenship. Earned income tax credits, welfare, kicker checks, and food stamps are all shining examples of this sinister new form of social engineering.
Wealth redistribution plans as put forth by liberal Democrats only serve to increase incentives for individuals at the bottom of the income ladder to remain in place, never bettering themselves or their situation, thus creating a class of easily exploited voluntary "wage-slaves".
This, I suppose, makes President Obama our new slave king.

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