Thursday, November 8, 2012 can't take the sky from me.

“Storm’s getting worse,” said River.

“We’ll pass through it soon enough,”
the captain replied.

It’s a tough time to be a freedom loving individual, thanks to the goings-on in government, but in both bad times and good we need to remind ourselves what we stand for, and from where we derive our faith.  Our happiness doesn’t come from D.C.; America is not found in its government.  Our reason for living is in God, family, and friends; never in politics. That's for the dirty damn Marxists, for whom everything’s political.  The modern leftist seems to think every encroachment of government upon the individual which reflects their own personal convictions is a victory.  Might still doesn’t make right, though.  Politics can never be better than a sordid compromise, and at its worst, tyranny.  Leftists can hang all their hopes on politics, and force government into every facet of our lives, but this only turns them into the fascists they claim to hate, and they will be ultimately disappointed – just witness the aging leftist nihilist.  They’ve sold themselves to the government, and for them will there only ever be a whore’s reward.  All the political victories in the world will never be enough.

“You’re fighting a war you’ve already lost,” reasoned the operative.

“Yeah, well, I’m known for that,”
Mal replied.

For us, though, is Life and Liberty.  Freedom.  Maybe it’s not selling so well this year.  Maybe it’s flat out getting its butt kicked.  Doesn’t mean it ain’t the best show on earth.

May have been the losing side. Still not convinced it was the wrong one,” said Captain Reynolds.

Hell’s to the yeah!

Remember, kids, in real life, sometimes even the good guys lose.  That’s when you pick yourself up, dust yourselves off, and get right back to living the good life.  Grab yer guns and Bibles and all those books on freedom.  Jefferson, Mises, Popper, Rothbard, Heinlein, Locke, Rand, Hayek, and Bastiat – everything’s on the table.  We’re gonna need a lot of good reading material to get us past this dark night, but just remember what Bill Whittle says – you only get to be Churchill when the times are dark.

You had the Alliance on you, criminals and savages... Half the people on the ship have been shot or wounded including yourself, and you're harboring known fugitives,” Simon observed.

Well, we're still flying,” answered Mal.

That's not much,” said Simon.

It's enough”.

Oh, and to all my fellow Right-Wingers who think this is the time to throw a pity party, just ask yourselves:  WWGPAJWACKD*?

Probably something awesome, that’s what.  So cheer the hell up, and get back to doing what we do best: God, family, and friends.

And, just so’s we all leave here today with the right attitude:

*What Would General Patton And John Wayne And Captain Kirk Do?

(h/t to Jonah Goldberg for posting that Deadwood clip on his blog within minutes of the bad presidential election news, and thus snapping me out of a potentially embarrassing sad panda parade)

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