Tuesday, December 22, 2009

An Open Letter To “Progressives”

Does any of this sound familiar:

Corporations are evil, man. They, like, feed off the greed of capitalism, dude. Capitalism is a system of greed, and it’s, like, totally a symptom of the materialism of western culture”?

Of course it does. It’s the motto of the Left. It’s practically the official slogan of the “grassroots” arm of the Democrat National Committee. Not the Democrats in office, mind you. They are actually all very wealthy. No, this is the slogan of all of those, uh, youthful voters who elected them. And it is to those young “progressives” (whatever that means) that I address this letter.

So, young “progressives” (?) what has your beloved party done lately? Well, how about the Wall Street Bailouts, for obvious starters. The supposed heroes of the proletariat have used public money to protect various corporations in the finance and auto industries (among others) from the consequences of their own “greed”. You could call it Corporate Welfare, if you want. The President is hard at work protecting the CEOs and the bad corporations from bankruptcy. Not to worry, Lefties, those evil corporations you so hate will still be here to sell you their evil products after you get a job and go on your wild shopping spree, and all thanks to the good folks in Congress and the White House whom you very excitedly helped to elect.

And how about that western culture of consumption which you so despise? Normally, as we all know, economic collapse following a period of wild and greedy spending results in a deflation of wealth and consumption. The heady days of materialism are dealt the harsh blow of responsibility, and that supposed western value so hated by the left deflates, to make way for more responsible savings and introspection. These periods are known as “corrections”, they are ultimately healthy for the market, and they serve as a sobering reminder to all of those "greedy capitalist pigs" that there is more to life than money.

But not to fear, Lefties! If the promises of Pelosi, Obama, and all of the other darlings of your movement pan out, we won’t have to suffer a reduction of consumption. They have it in mind to use trillions of federal dollars to finance “Stimulus Packages”, which will serve to artificially prop up consumption until the economy can get back on its merry old way, and further protect those mean capitalist businessmen from the effects of their greed. They intend to MAINTAIN the pre-crash consumption levels. Remember when George “worst president ever” Bush told us all to “go shopping”? Hurray for consumption!

Let’s just move beyond the fact that not one of these policies makes any real economic sense. The fact remains that these are indeed the policies of your elected leftist officials. So why, I have to ask, are you, the youthful and energetic supporters of “progressive” (seriously, what does that even mean?) politics, still supporting these people? Who do you think you are actually serving? Are you totally blind to the incredible rift between you and your elected elite?

Are you absolutely sure that you haven’t been duped into becoming a part of what Lenin might have called the “useful idiots”?



  1. and thanks to these "progressives" weve got homosexuals, bi sexuals, crooks, illegals, and all them other wierdos pressin their "values" on us. i dont have an unbiased, well thought out, elegantly worded argument to use to try to get through to the "progressives". just this, faggotry. all of it

  2. I couldn't care less what my neighbors are doing, as long as they stay off of my property and out of my paycheck. My problem with all of this "faggotry" is that the same people who are cramming this faux-diversity down our throats are also working day and night to enlarge governmental control over our private lives and to destroy our liberty and right to free-association. They don't seem to understand that diversity without liberty is absolutely meaningless.